Chef Erin Recommends

I’m not much of a gadget junkie so if I like something, you can bet it’s good!

Since I have very small kitchen, space is a premium. The Fagor Multi Cooker allowed me to consolidate 3 appliances in one. It’s a pressure cooker, rice cooker and a slow cooker all in one. Plus it browns and keeps cooked items warm. I like the option of a stainless steel insert too.

It might see like overkill to have two food processors but I really get a lot of use out of both. I use my full-sized food processor for chopping and grating and my Mini Prep for making salad dressings, mayonnaise and small chopping jobs.

I’ve been using Messermeister Knives for years now. An 8-inch Chef’s Knife is comfortable for most people. It’s a good size for most tasks and doesn’t feel unwieldy. However, you may also want to get yourself a No Cry Glove, just in case!

Save your knife blade by using a bench scraper to clear chopped items from your cutting board!

Keep your edge! It’s really important to learn to use a honing rod. It’s a simple task that will preserve the sharp edge of your knives and keep you safe. I recommend a ceramic rod. It pulls less metal from the edge during the honing process so it’s better for your knives.