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Celebrating a birthday? Rewarding your colleagues? Just want to do something
different for your next dinner party? Whether you want to get hands-on in the
kitchen or just want to watch and learn, Chef Erin – The Glorified HomeChef –
has the perfect class for you!


demo-cooking-classesDemo Cooking Classes
Sit back with a glass of wine and some appetizers while Chef Erin shows you how to prepare an amazing meal. For more information, email Chef Erin!
dv2099011Food & Wine Pairing Classes
Learn how food and wine do (and sometimes do not) work together. Explore how the basic components of both food (acid, fat, protein, sweetness) and wine (tannin, acid, body, sweetness) complement one another as you taste through classic wine and food pairings. Email Chef Erin for more information.
hands-on-cooking-classesHands-On Cooking Classes
Dive right in with hands-on cooking classes. Chef Erin makes it easy and fun. For more information, email Chef Erin!