I’ve always considered myself a Glorified HomeChef! Although, I’ve trained professionally and worked in the culinary world, I’m really just like you. Long before I changed careers and went to culinary school, I loved to cook. I lived to entertain. I loved the way food brings people together. I believed that good cooks have to have a generous spirit. On top of everything, cooking is fun or at least it should be!

That’s why I want to share my professional knowledge with home cooks – in easy, fun, non-intimidating ways – through books, blogging, and classes. My goal is to provide professional tips for the chef in everyone.

These days I am a Chef Instructor with the prestigious Arizona Culinary Institute. If you’re in Scottsdale, Arizona, you can join us for lunch or dinner at our campus restaurant – DuJourReservations required!

Address: 10585 N 114th St, Scottsdale, AZ 85259
I live and cook in Arizona!

Erin Coopey“Hi, I’m Erin, a chef, cookbook author, and cooking instructor. Food is my life. If I’m not making or eating it, chances are I am talking about it or writing about it. My husband, Vince, has been my taste tester for 17 years now and I wouldn’t send out a recipe that he didn’t approve!

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